Q: Amazon.com will only ship to U.S. addresses but I live internationally. What should I do?
Amazon.com will currently only ship to U.S. addresses. We will look into changing this as quickly as possible, though we have no sense for if or when we'll be able to ship internationally directly from Amazon.com. At this time we are only able to point to sites that offer proxy addresses in the US and that can re-ship internationally. The following companies seem to provide proxy addresses within the U.S. and support re-shipping globally: http://mbex.net/, http://www.weship-it.com/, http://www.shipito.com/, http://www.usglobalmail.com/, and http://www.usa2me.com/. For Australia, you may consider http://www.shiptooz.com/. We do not have any direct experiences with these sites, however.

Q: I can't play Lightning Strikes cards on other players fast enough when it has to be before their first roll! What am I supposed to do?
A: Consider a house rule. For example: 1) Use a timer; 2) Ask everyone if they're ready before the first roll; or 3) Make players read the entire Mission card before rolling. Speed talking race!

Q: Does “Bag of Tricks: Oscilloscope” stack with “Bag of Tricks: Outstanding Oscilloscope”?
A: Yes

Q: Why does “Bag of Tricks: Oscilloscope” stack with “Bag of Tricks: Outstanding Oscilloscope”?
A: One oscilloscope for each hand. Parallelism!

Q: Why do all of your male hackers have short hair and no facial hair?
A: It just kind of worked out that way. Feel free to send us new art!

Q: Why didn’t you base your Hacker cards off of prominent/notorious hackers?
A: Can you imagine getting a bunch of security-minded people to sign our legal authorization documents?

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